A burned CD that's read as a blank: a paradox

Ok, here’s the problem:

A couple of weeks ago I was getting tired of my computer acting up and all, so I burned 2 CDs with the information I wanted to keep. These CDs were burned back to back, and the burning appeared to go ok. After that, I wiped the computer. Yea, I wiped it.

After the wipe, I began putting the anti-virus and internet protection back on, as well as the software to access the internet. Once I had that set, I grabbed the 2 CDs so I could put everything back on, but there was juts one problem: The CD with the major bulk of the stuff was being read as a blank, yet if you flip it over, you can plainly see that the data is there. I thought it was a fluke and put in the other CD. It read that one fine and I was able to pull stuff off of that one. When I put the “bulk” CD back in, again, it read it as a blank. A paridox, is it not. My guess is that something went wrong with the burning process, like it didn’t write the addresses for the data on the CD or something

So, with that, I’m looking for help to be able to pull the data off the CD. I’d greatly appreciate it. :bow:

I would try to read it with other CD drives. Some drives are considerably better readers than others. I think in the past Lite-On drives were considered the best readers, but maybe that’s just for DVDs.

Anyway any drive will eventually deteriorate due to dust or a weak laser or whatever.

I don’t know what went wrong with the CD. Maybe bad media, a bad burner, or just bad luck.

I would probably scan the disc with CDspeed to get an idea of how bad it is. CDspeed won’t copy the data to your hard drive though, even if it is readable.