A Bunch of .avi's into a Playable DVD?

Yep, total DVD noOb here…

I have a bunch of .avi’s that Id like to put onto one DVD and have it be Playable on a home DVD player.

Is this possible?

Any hints as to how to go about doing that?

Be gentle :bow:

This is most definitely possible. Check out this link:


The link takes you to numerous tutorials on how to convert .avi files (usually in DivX/Xvid format) into DVD compliant MPEG-2 video. I’d recommend using TPMGEnc to do the task. Also, you may want to download a tool called “GSpot” to assist you in determining the properties of your source video. You will find the links available in Videohelp. Please let us know if you need more help.

Depends how lazy you are really - there is a neat program called DVDSanta that will do all the work for you!


I prefer the control of doing it manually, but I have used DVD Santa and it did the job.

There are some excellent free programs that will do this. Vsodivx2dvd, svcd2dvd etc.
As Mike A stated check out the excellent guides at videohelp.com and also ckeck the tools section for alot of excellent programs. The two I stated are tops IMO of all the one’s I’ve tested. Vso will also make your IFO and BUP files along with converting to the dvd compliant VOB/s.

Awesome thanks guys!! :smiley:

Sorry for the late reply back had to do the work thing on sunday of all days >.<.

MikeA thats the second time youve answered my question with shining color…thanks a bunch dude!

Looks like some great info for me there, looking forward to getting home and giving it a try.

Here are the all in one converters like some of the ones mentioned above (they do everything from one program instead of using several programs). They are a lot easier to use so they might be a little easier to start with. Be aware that doing it the harder way (using the guides and doing wach step with a diffrent program) is suposed to do a beter job but personally I take the lasy approach and use the all in ones.
Also, don’t forget our forum for this kind of stuff.