A bug in DVD2oneX?

I have ripped a Swedish movie called “SÃ¥nger frÃ¥n andra vÃ¥ningen” with DVDBackup. I can play the movie from the HD with Apple DVD Player by selecting the VIDEO_TS-folder.
But when I select the VIDEO_TS-folder in DVD2oneX nothing happens. No titles appears. Just like if I selected a directory that didn’t contain a movie.

A bug?

Dvd2one needs both the .vob files and the .ifo files.

Have you got both in your VIDEO_TS folder ?


I ripped it as I always do. And I have never encountered this problem before.

Could it be caused by special characters in the path to the VIDEO_TS folder? Try moving that folder to a location that doesn’t have any unusual characters in the path, just for fun.

That was the problem. Works now.