A Brand New Emprex Dvd Dual-rw! :d

Santa was really kind to me. Now, though, being a thick geordie, I am struggling to get it set up correctly in my PC.

I have managed to get it into the bay and kinda figured out where the wires go but whats got me stumped is the use of this thing known as a jumper!

As I am adding and NOT replacing this DVD RW, I gather I have to use the same IDE lead and therefore have to set one drive as the Master and one as the Slave. But I aint sure how to set the jumper itself. I have tried to move it in one way or another but dont want to force it for fear of breaking it!

It seems it must be easy as EVERYWHERE I’ve looked for info about this subject does not explain HOW to set the jumper.

Please help. I will also be able to reply to another thread once I can get this drive running. Many Thanks. :wink:

It doesnt slide, you pull it straght back towards yourself. (may need needle nose pliers if you dont have fingernails) Its 3 pins and the jumper bridges 2 of them at one time, either the 2 for master or the 2 for slave.

Simple-just pull it off :confused: and make sure you put it back on the right 2 pins.

Once upon a time, you jumper-configured everything - then plug & play made nimble-fingered techies obsolete!

It’s not 2 out of 3, not usually on optical drives … normally 3 vertical pairs, one for Master (MA), one for Slave (SL), and the last for Cable Select (CS) - unless you understand CS cables, and frequently rearrange drives, CS is better avoided … at it’s best, it’s great.