A Book for CD/DVD Beginners?

Can any of you veterans recommend a book that could help get me up to speed on CD and DVD burning?

I’m thinking of something along the lines of the “Complete Idiot’s” or “for Dummies” type of book.

For some reason I have trouble reading text on a computer screen. I do much better with old fashioned ink-on-paper books, though, admittedly, my poor old brain has trouble these days even understand simple information in printed form.

Topics I’m interested in are:

  • Backing up my CDs and DVDs
  • Copying my vinyl records to CD
  • Making “mix tapes” on CD from my music collection
  • Editing music and movies to cut out annoying or boring parts
  • Adding fade ins, fade outs and cross fades to songs and music clips (and movie clips too?)
  • Ripping music WAV files from DVD soundtracks

If the best source of this type of info is on the web, then there’s a nearby branch library that allows printing something like 80 free pages a week, so I could print out the pages and put them into a report cover and read them like a book.

I am afraid there is no such a book, but there is lots of info on net, just ask in Google.
Here is one for your LP conversion.

Those cover multiple topics, so a book on just one subject wouldn’t help.