A bit of repair info, please?



greetings to all!

I have a simple question I believe although it has been quite difficult to find the solution.

Several years back, after cd drives and burners failed (I save everything to experiment with later), I decided to open a drive up and the problem was simply a broken belt. Turns out 90% of of my failed drives had broken belts. SO, I started swapping belts from failed drives with unknown problems and Voila! Working drives. Turns out it was the same problem on some failed VCR’s and DVD players.

When I ran out of belts, I used small rubber bands, which didn’t last very long, but were a temporary fix. My question is this. Does anyone know of a supply house where one could purchase an assortment of belts for CD/DVD/VCR’s?

I have searched and searched to no avail. I have found belts for no particular drive @ 10 for $1, etc. I would just like to buy, perhaps, 100 or so various sized belts to keep my own stuff running as well as those of friends and family.

Any help greatly appreciated!



Well fixing stuff like this at work on a dayly basis I can tell you to use O-Rings … these are a use many places in plumming and I found my o-rings at my local hardwarestore … they come in many sizes and are more solide then a rubberband … I would`t use those that are thick since the are hard to flex and you may end up bending the gear if you use them … allways underdim. then overdim. since that can make alot of problem … Check the link to know what I talking about … http://www.januparts.com/24-11-04%20Kit,%20O-Ring%20pic%202.jpg



Thanks! And you know what? I have that same exact O-Ring assortment in my garage! Never thought about it B4. Being a scuba diver, I have used O-rings many times, but never thought to use for this purpose. Thanks again and will post how it all comes out.