A bit of info for you

It’s been confirmed that I have a nice 2 bedroom flat, the rent and everything is being taken care of for me and I don’t have to do anything. Due to family losses not on my side, the housing officer is taking a few weeks of work, so hopefully I should be moving into my new home towards the middle of October! :cool:

I have just clocked 1009miles on me mountain bike, not bad eh?:wink:

Intercept… :smiley:


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So , you’re back to roam around the forums of cdfreaks eh ? :slight_smile:

Welcome back , have a free tour , take a drink and wander around to see what has changed. I hope you enjoy your stay once again.

also welcome . . :stuck_out_tongue:


see yah … . .:bigsmile:

Don’t you worry Intercept has had a few drinking sessions over the past couple of days:p As you all know life doesn’t revolve around the computer;) Maybe for some, and not for others.:eek:

Anyway thanx for the welcome back:D


great, a new house!

what kind of internet connection will you have?