A Bit of help please - CM4

Now I’ve looked at the maid thread in this forum about copying protected games etc. But there’s no where to shwo you how you can find if these games are protected or not. I’m trying to do it for CM4.

I’ve downloaded DDump (comes up with errors when it starts - cannot find a .dll file :frowning: ). So turned to the trial version of Alcohol. Followed the instructions on the main tread. It seem to finish. But my CD turns out blank :a . I’ve got one of the CD-Writers as given in the thread a LITE-ON LTR-48125S. So whats going on?

Is that that they’ve made CM4 so you cannot copy it? Also I’ve got the Sims Unleashed that I’m planning to do too.

ANY HELP. PLS :confused:

CM4 => securom 4.8x. See here.

Sims Unleashed => safedisc 2.8. See here.

Thanks fella