A bit confused about various firmwares



I have been reading as much as I can about the various modified firmwares available for my NEC 3500A. Maybe I am dumber than I thought but I cant seem to find one that has bitsetting, region code and riplock all in one package.
If someone can point my n00b butt to the right firmware I will be very gratefull.



I’ve just got my 3500 (today), it came with firmware 2.18. I’ve just flashed it to a modded 2.18 that does just as you’ve requested. As far as I’m aware the only changes to this firmware are those 3 items. This is the link http://www.micheldeboer.nl/firmware/index.html and the file is 218btrpc1.rar.
There are more heavily modded firmwares around but this seemed a safe point to start at.


Choose firmwares based on MadDog 2.FD if you want Single Layer bitsetting too.


Thanks, TimC.
Looking at the other firmwares in this section made me realize that I have to keep track of these releases. I am a bit concerned as to whether or not I need another firmware to allow my NEC to recognize the newer DVD+R DL media that is out there. I have read of NEC 3500 users having problems with the drive recognizing the Memorex DL media… and this media happens to be on sale.



Your 3500 will not work properly with the Memorex DL media - regardless of which firmware you use IMO-

The only DL that works properly in 3500’s is the Verbatim IMO-

I have been using 2.18btrpc1 in my main 3500 burner - and it works just fine IMO-



Thanks Mike

As I said I just got my 3500 & took the chance on using a modded firmware. It reassuring to know that the I made a good choice.



Should I dump the current firmware before flashing to the one recommended here??


I did when I updated mine - just in case. However, the official 2.18 is available at the site I gave you.


I have a ND-3500A too (though I use the ND-3520A mainly), but what’s wrong with using Liggy And Dee ND-3500 Modified Firmware V2.TC RC3 (RPC 1 + riplock removed) and setting the desired booktype via the (supplied) Binflash tool?