A bit concerning (but will this stop people?)

unless that’s his goal.

i’m becoming more and more suspicious of forum members every day. we’ve had quite a few posts lately that have invited “slipups” and admissions of guilt.

this is a forum for legal activities. we don’t condone, support, or help people in their illegal endeavors so whomever may be monitoring this forum can go elsewhere.

Well then maybe the moderators should close the thread geniuses…Hindi movies, shut up dude, grow up. I’m just asking out of curiousity. I’m not looking to get anyone in trouble, so relax…ok chief?

Jesus, some people are very paranoid.

P.S. 424 people have viewed this thread. So maybe some people actually are curious as I am. Yet not even 20 people have voted. (Sure a lot of the views are from “guests”) but still, can’t be too bad of a ? if this many people are interested…

and don’t you think we have the right to?

i mean, this very thread is based on paranoia isn’t it? the fear of being set up or “caught” for doing something that isn’t wrong…

and you’re sitting here trying to get people to admit that they illegally copy discs…

paranoid? maybe. unjustified? definitely not.

Ok reasons, fair enough. But to be completely honest…again, it was just out of curiosity. Sure, some people like to get people in trouble…I’m not one of them, whether you choose to believe me or not…that’s your call. But yes, I shouldnt have pushed it by saying, come on fess up…that was a bit over the top. Sorry people :-\