A bit concerning (but will this stop people?)

Ok, below is the image im sure plenty of you have seen on almost any fairly new released DVD. Does this scare any of ya at all? Kinda scares me a bit. What’s the likelihood that people will get sued for NON-monetary gain as the FBI calls it? Obviously burning and SELLING them they would go after…but with the new worded warning about NON-monetrary purposes…

I’m not sure if we should worry about this or not (for those of us renting and burning, burning off friends dvd’s, etc).

P.S. Making backups of YOUR OWN purchased movies IS illegal, IF you use a copy-right protection removal program such as dvdshrink, anydvd, dvd decrypter, etc). However, thats pointless since ripping to your HDD and watching off the HDD, as far as I can recall does NOT need the copy protection removal programs to watch…only if you are physically burning it to a DVD.

Now this topic you might say is in the wrong forum, however, being that AnyDVD is basically an illegal program according to US laws BUT, since the company is not US based, technically I dont think they can get in trouble by the FBI (and some users of this forums are NOT from the US.) Since this forum is ANYDVD titled…I think it applies!

Basically, do you feel worried about this new FBI warning esp the “non-monetary gain” warning that is punishable up to 5 years in prison and very hefty fine?

Please answer the poll question as well.

The really frightening aspect of this would be if the FBI really does waste precious resources pursuing folks who casually copy their personally owned dvd’s for their own use - instead of dealing with really important matters. It might be telling us who is dumping money into the lobbying activites though . . .

arif, even ripping to your hard drive requires you to circumvent copy protection.

in the US, it’s been made clear that we are 100% entitled and allowed to backup our original DVDs, it’s just illegal to circumvent copy protection to do so… :doh: :confused:

US laws are awesome, eh?

Ok, so are you nervous about burning due to the FBI’s warning?

nah, i’m not nervous about it. I’m backing up copies for personal use. I don’t think the FBI is going to waste the time to come after people like me. There’s no way for them to know. It’s not like music downloading where they can find you via IPs and shit. I guess if they wanted to find me via this forum they really could, but my overall view is that they have bigger fish to fry.

Hmm, but my feeling is most people on here are not using anydvd for backups :-p

Ya I am really scared, Not!!!

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But plat, are you burning backups for dvd’s you’ve purchased? Or burning friends originials/rented dvd’s…that you did not purchase…

Shshshshshshshshshshshsh! You aint seen me right! :disagree:

No, I think that there is alot of people that do.

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1.) if they aren’t then they don’t belong on this board.
2.) if the FBI starts going after people (for this non-monetary BS), they aren’t going to take into consideration whether you’re “illegally” backing up your own discs or illegally copying a friend’s collection for yourself. If you’re circumventing copy protection, you’re in violation of the law.

i just don’t think it’s a pressing issue. the film industry is the LEAST regulated and has the least amount of protections in all of media law. I do believe we’re about to see this phenomena change, but I don’t think that we’re all goign to jail for preventing damage to our originals…

Oh fess up people! I see most are responding to the poll as doesnt apply to me (meaning you ONLY burn original dvd’s that you/family has purchased for backup purposes). Come on people, be honest :stuck_out_tongue:

They are mostly responding that way because they are not from the USA, and that the world does not revolve around the USA laws.

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Hi :slight_smile:
Not really, could be they’re not affected by FBI actions due to location. If you want people to ‘fess up’ try changing your title to Father & find a little cubby hole. :bigsmile:

No…I live in Canada. Here it is not illegal to copy music or movies, as long as it is for personal use. What is illegal here is the distribution of copyrighted material, meaning that I can copy a dvd for myself, but if I turn around and sell it or give it to someone as a gift then I’m breaking the law.

So the above US laws don’t apply to me.

I think alot of pirates have no log in name here. They just visit. Also think about all the people that pirate the software to make the illegal copy’s!

Look, I’m trying not to be particularly sarcastic on here due to being asked by the moderators to be nice, but… c’mon! Are you PURPOSELY trying to tweak us?

“Hey guys, I know you are all DVD pirates! Admit it! Aren’t you DVD pirates afraid of the FBI? 'Cuz, y’know… you’re DVD PIRATES!”

Lighten up. If you BOTHERED to read the forum you’d notice that we are very intolerant of DVD pirates here.

I’m not concerned, Besides the FBI is too busy chasing eronious reports of spys at your local church and peace activists groups from tips they get from the NSA to procecute people that make backups of their own personal DVDs.

stop asking people to “fess” up and starting up stupid polls
and then getting this forum into trouble
I believe even if one person were to fess up it could cause this forum great harm

and leave well enough alone
ie dont stir sh!t

stick to copying your hindi movies
there is no fbi warning on them

Or import them from the UK or Australia - no FBI there either. :wink: