A Big Welcome to Lightning UK



I want to welcome Lightning UK to our forum, we know he has been here for a long time but now we have a new sub-forum for his fantastic application. Imgburn is an awesome program and with this new sub-forum people will have a place to post about it. :clap:


Oh SUPERCOOL :cool::cool::cool:

I´m struck dumb :iagree::iagree::iagree:

ImgBurn is a big [B]HIT[/B] with me…[B]thanks LightningUK[/B]…and the Freaks management :clap::clap::clap:

Congratulations :bow::bow::bow:




Nice job Alan :wink:

Welcome, LUK!…well deserved and great to have a forum for this excellent program :clap: :bigsmile:

(BTW, it’s not often Dean is struck dumb, make the most of it :D)


Glad to see you here LUK!

ImgBurn :cool: :iagree:


Welcome LUK thanks for all the years, Best coder around. Any plans for a new release?


Welcome aboard [B]LUK[/B] :bigsmile:


This is a welcome addition to the forums. And I’d like to add a big thanks for the program itself, and for the help LUK has provided to me and others around here.


Welcome LUK!
This is sooo sweeet!..:cool:


Great to have you around LUK!, and for our members to be able to get such high calibre help :).


Welcome Lightning UK !

I Love ur Tool !

Well Done :iagree:

hope we have a Update for Imgburn Soon :slight_smile:


Hi [B]LUK.[/B]
I’m a big admirer of your work with Imgburn and especially of your past projects. :wink:
Welcome aboard. :flower:


This is good news all the way around, thank you to all those involved. :bow: :clap: :bow: :smiley: :bow:


Thanks for the welcome and kind words :slight_smile:

For those that asked, I hope to have v2.4.0.0 available soon… watch this space :wink:


For those that asked, I hope to have v2.4.0.0 available soon… watch this space

This just keeps getting better and better!


Congrats my friend LUK! and well deserved :clap:


Welcome and Congratulations, Lightning.


WC and thanks!..:bow:


LUK! :bow:


Hey LUK, congrats and welcome to the new ImgBurn forum here at CDFreaks! :clap:

Also thanks for you hard work in creating one of the most useful tools in the toolbox of us CD Freaks. :flower: