A Big Thankyou

Hi all,
Im fairly new to the forums here and i just wanted to say thanks and introduce myself. My names Mike but i go by logik, anyway i really wanted to thank everyone that posts here. I’ve found a veritable wonderland of knowledge here at clubcdfreaks. i’m a complete nooB to the whole making backups world and im completely intriged by all that i’ve learned thus far. just to let everyone know im using a liteon ltr 48125w burner with clonecd, twinpeak, clonyXXL, alcohol, and various software (thanks to the advice from everyone here) and so far ive had very good sucess with everything i’ve tryed to backup. i’ve not had much sucess with using blindwrites bwa builder though (spikes all over the place) and would greatly appreciate any advice on this matter. but anyway, TO ALL THE MEMBERS OF CLUBCDFREAKS, thanks for giving a guy a new hobby, all the info and advice i find here is really appreciated and i am looking forward to learning enough to contribute and help others.

Well this could be a spam post and therefor not allowed here… bus as you are so thankful, I can’t be anything else than thankful as well :slight_smile:

So, I hope you have a good time here, you learn lots of things and others learn from you.

Welcome aboard I’d say (there’s a special thread for this but ok…;))…

sorry if i misposted, i just figured im a nooB so i might as well post in the nooB thread. :confused:

This kind of spam should be forgiven.

It nice when people say thanx for help they got

so…yep thanx guys for all the info you share :bow:

Originally posted by logik
sorry if i misposted, i just figured im a nooB so i might as well post in the nooB thread. :confused:

Don’t worry… this indeed would be better posted in the welcome aboard thread, but I decided to let the thread stay here, as others may read this thread as well and realize that being thankful is a polite thing… and perhaps they’ll learn to be so as well!

Welcome aboard. I’m sure you’ll learn alot here (just as I have).:bigsmile: