A beta FW that supports DVD-R dual layer



It looks like Buffalo and it’s rebadged PX-716A ( DVM-DM16FBS ) has released a beta-fw that supports the 2x speed for DVD-R dual layer
I can’t read well Japanese, but a bare translation talks about that

The download page can be found here

FW ver. is 1c04


At this time, who have the DVD-R DL disc ?


I have never seen a -R DL disc.


Does 1c04 mean its a beta 1.04?


I think so. I am curious if it will be 2x or 4x -DL.


When the PX-716 first was released it mentioned 2x DVD-R DL support, so my bet goes to 2x.


Official firmware in mid Jan. :smiley:


DVD-R DL will be 2x and the firm will be 1.04
Now if you install this Firmware
and VARIREC (only DVD)
will not work.
Release date is January 2005.
Now rumors (trusted soure) are that DVD-R DL s booktype will be DVD-R


Does NeroInfoTool and DVDInfopro already support DVD-R DL?