A Beta Bug to mention

But I can’t post here?

Why not? Looks like you did…

[QUOTE=dudester2;1928722]But I can’t post here?[/QUOTE]
I believe you just did…:iagree:

[Edit] Hi there LOCO, looks like I’m typing at my usual “turtle” pace…:rolleyes:

Bugs in the beta for Fab are posted in the beta thread, if we started a new thread for each problem we would have a hard time keeping track. Post here

Keep all the bugs in the beta thread.:cop:

please send all bugs to Alan :bigsmile:

[QUOTE=rolling56;1928746]please send all bugs to Alan :bigsmile:[/QUOTE]

Very funny Rolling but I think the beta thread is the place for bugs in a program. Not a separate thread for each one.