A Bargain indeed!-Ritek G05's 100pk $32.40 shipped

Haven’t seen this posted and I read this deal yesterday over at FW. Just like the title says it’s a heck of a bargain considering this is apparently the best ever price on Ritek G05 8x DVD-Rs anywhere. Not including fleabay of course. :slight_smile: But getting 100 pack quantities for $32.40 and free shipping on top of that is awesome. It seems like every time i’m in need for media I find an incredible deal somewhere. Oh, almost forgot, there’s a coupon that needs to be applied at checkout to take an extra 10 percent off and get the final price of “$32.40” per 100 pack shipped. The coupon is ‘DNS10’

Here are the G05’s: http://www.shop4tech.com/user.htm?go=view_item&id=2764&cata=1&s_cata=88_r33


Good price - thanks for the info-


If one of you gets these please do a scan, if possible, and post. I have read a published accounts from DVD a distributor who dealt with G05s and he said there were quality control problems. I would love to see the quality of what you get.

Yo chaso0039-

Got my last batch of G05’s off of SuperMediaStore - they have been great - I have gone through about 75 so far and not a bad one in the batch so far-so no coasters-


So then, you would recommend them, eh,bigmike?

Yo isadore2-

For the $32.40 shipped - they are a real bargain - IF you get A Grade media - and I am not real sure if shop4tech is sending out A Grade medias as I have never ordered from them - I do know that both Rima and SuperMediaStore are sending out A Grade Ritek G05’s - currently Rima is at $38 per 100 + shipping and SuperMediaStore is at $33 + shipping - so they are in the pricing ballpark-


just picked up a 50 pack maxell $17.94 at staples scan as ritek G05

sorry folks i was in a hurry they were -R 8x