A bad sign for SD2 backuppers?

I just posted the article A bad sign for SD2 backuppers?.

Since some time, the latest Philips CDR drives don’t support “Correct EFM encoding of regular bit patterns” anymore. This is bad news, since this piece of technology is needed to make a good working…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2514-A-bad-sign-for-SD2-backuppers.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2514-A-bad-sign-for-SD2-backuppers.html)

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Plextor ownzz!!! :4

Buy a Plextor drive or use BetaBlocker. Bye, bye SD2… :4

Or Lite-On’s 2410 CD-RW too

Plex rides again!!!:8

hi! Anyone know that doesn’t new plextor(24x) support Correct efm encoding? if it support then I want one!!! :wink:

Does it really matter since there exists now a general SafeDisc 2 cracker? Smoke dat! :8

yeah! sweet things… but We need good SD2 Crackers :4!

Sd2 will be cracked, everything is made to be broken, anything can be broken, nothing lasts forever, nothing… :d

@V3RTEX: A general crack for SD2 ? You mean the image-modifier program?

U don’t need a image-modifier, simply get unSafeDisc V2.xx.xxx and dump & rebuild the game .exe. It’s that easy and works 99,9999% :4

Its called reverse engineering. B.T.W has a new version of BetaBlocker been released yet? :8

I just got an acer cdrw1610a, and it works just great. I was able to make a functioning backup of Startopia. I am glad that I got this drive as I am able to do correct efm encoding…hahahahaha…so tel the encryption companies to go find a hole in the wall and screw themselves.

I’m sorry to say, but I have got the Philips 2010 and there was a problem at first but now I manage to copy red alert 2 (sd2 protected) with clonecd. You just have to turn of the seamless link, but the strange thing is that you don’t have to turn it of with the former models like the 1208. These work fine with the seamless link on. So I have to say that you are wrong.