A background for subtitles?

Hi all, looking for a spot of help.
Is it at all possible to squeeze or move a movie (dvd format) upscreen so as to introduce a black bar along the bottom as a background to subtitles. This is just to make the subs easier to read, and I’m not interested in changing the colour of the subs really.
Ta in advance.

Sure, you could resize the video stream to make room for that. I do believe TmpgEnc can do this.

Sorry, I’m not being clear enough.
The resize is not the problem, it’s actually adding the black bar under the movie that I can’t wrap my head around

I know, but can’t TmpgEnc crop and/or pan the output in such a way that it generates black bars around? I thought it could.

Otherwise i think you are forced to accomplish this with even more professional products such as Adobe Studio or Premiere.

I’m back! Looked at TmpgEnc, also looked at virtualdub, seems they both output as avi files, unless I’ve missed something (which is quite possible ). I don’t really want to work in avi unless totally unavoidable, as, I presume, I will loose some quality when converting back to dvd format, I have access to Adobe Premiere Pro, so I started towards that…
Was thinking, if I had a DVD of 1hr 30m, say, of a black screen, with width size equal to my original film, but height a bit larger, I could put my original film over the black one with Premiere. If you follow my train of thought, would anyone know: is this possible, or am I barking!?
Of course, if it is possible, I’d be keen to find out how to generate a black screen DVD of specific width and height.

It’s all pretty trivial really, but I’m like Colombo, can’t rest until all loose ends are tied.

Thanks in advance.