A ati video card under $200

Is there an ati video card under $200. I currently got a Radeon X1600/X1650 Series card (512 MB) and also what the price of a 500Gb hard drive?

Where are you located? You can check out newegg.ca for canada and newegg.com for the u.s. You can find lots at tigerdirect.ca, I purchased the radeon hd 3850 256mb for $128.99 plus taxes and before the $30.00 rebate from tigerdirect.ca.

Do you need PCI-E or AGP? The HD4850 is well within that range, and the performance is pretty good for it being a mid-range card.

I assume you live in the US, so check out newegg.com for the prices of 500gb hard drives. I think they are as cheap as ~ $70 right now depending on the brand.

Fry’s has a Segate SATA 500 GB 16mb Cache ST3500641AS-RK on sale for $69.99.
I picked one up yesterday. It’s an older 7200.9 but good enough for my daughters computer.

Depending on if you want AGP or PCI or PC-E etc…



Canada :


thanks but i lived in australia

That is why we need more info than what you originally asked. Anyway someone who lives there will post and help you.


If you live in Sydney or Melbourne (or surrounding cities), you can also visit computer fairs/swap meets which will likely shave about $20 off the prices & save P&H :wink:

Most important question should be, what do you need the card for. Do you do graphics stuff… Are you a casual gamer? Are you a hard core Gamer???

I’m mostly a casual gamer that looking for a better card than a Radeon X1600/X1650 Series card and under $200.i was thinking getting a Asus Nvidia PCIe EN9600GT/HTDI/512M

Take a look at some of the video card comparisons (ie tomshardware.com), and use that to make your decision… I would think that your 1600 would be good enough for casual gaming…

You can pick up a Samsung 500GB/16MB HDD for about $100.
You can pick up a Samsung 1000GB/32MB HDD for about $160.
From my experience, the 1000GB is about 50% faster.

Your call.

but do u reckon the nVidia GeForce 8800 GT can work on my dell dimension 4700

What’s your Dell express support tag code?

I’d be hesitant to put any beefy video cards in the dell … the Power Supply Unit might need to be replaced, and not sure if they use ATX standard power supplies.

it is 14689563904