A ? about THX--DTS--Dd transmission medium



my question is this…can the “digital audio tracks; AC-3 etc…” be transmitted over standard RCA cables (red+white) an into latest A/V reciever and have 5.1 or whatever surround sound…or does it need be over the CoAxial or TosHlink???



I don’t think so. The receiver is usually what’s decoding the audio signal in the first place… so it needs to get the signal through a digital connection first, in order to decode it. Prior to the decoding that takes place in the receiver, it isn’t really a proper audio signal that standard RCA plugs could interpret.

The only instance in which you’d use RCA cables to send multichannel audio to your receiver and, from there, to your speakers is if you were using an outboard decoder, or something with a different type of encoding other than Dolby/DTS/etc. (eg. DVD-A, SACD). My receiver, for example (a Denon AVR-4806CI) has RCA inputs, under the heading EXT. IN, for this purpose.


word to that…iam trying to get a nice mini stereo 5.1 with digital coax input so i can hook it up to my PC!!

got any suggestions?


lol, how should that work?

HOW would you transfer 6 different singnals through 2 wires???

Toslink and spdif is the choice.