£40m software piracy ring smashed in Italy

I just posted the article £40m software piracy ring smashed in Italy.

As we posted here on CD Freaks before about professional pirates being busted, now in Italy a big professional ring is busted as you can read below.

Police have smashed a counterfeit software…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4808-40m-software-piracy-ring-smashed-in-Italy.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4808-40m-software-piracy-ring-smashed-in-Italy.html)

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when are they gonna learn, copying and selling always gets you busted. And thats just sick, child porn. They deserve to be locked away.

Child Porn? Sick bastards, make them all live organ donors, starting wiht their eyes…

Yeah, honestly, I don’t even have so much of a problem with the movies and software, but the child porn… :r Lock 'em away. Same amount of time that they would get if they raped someone.

These people who do this deserve some kind of punishment, but they don’t deserve to be locked away for a long time. People who copy and sell have done a minor thing wrong. People who just copy for personal use have done nothing wrong. This software piracy ring should just have to pay a fine and maybe go to jail for a week.

hang em high !!

If your stupid enough to sell the stuff you copy and get caught i say suck shit. copying for personal use is not the same.

well done

I wonder if they really had any child porn or if that’s just propaganda. Child porn could be the new cocaine which was the new communism which was the new Hun which was the new… You get the picture. I would be careful before jumping when mainstream (ie corrupt establishment) media say child porn. It just reeks of thought control. :r P.S. If they really did peddle child porn, I bet God has something real nasty in store for their afterlife. :d