£38.91 for 160Gb Samsung?



Looks wrong to me but check it out for yourself, its only got a 2mb cache but i wouldnt mind buying a pair of these and sticking them on an IDE card, ive emailed them asking if the price is correct and when they will become available, it just looks too cheap.



Have you heard any thing back from them, it looks a good price :slight_smile:


Not a sausage, methinks i’ll have to phone monday if i want to find anything out.


Samsung makes several levels of there SpinPoint drives. i know the P80 series are very good and highly recommended (quiet, fast and reliable from what i’ve read) but don’t think they just have 2mb of cache so those are probably one of the “value” series.



yes thats right but for that price it still looks far too cheap, and think even though it only has a 2mb cache for storage its perfect.


btw if you want to email them yourself the emails Componentsfeedback@dixons.co.uk