£31,500 bill for downloading 1 TV show on holiday



I just posted the article £31,500 bill for downloading 1 TV show on holiday.

Anyone who has used their mobile (cellular) phone abroad may have already experienced just how high mobile bills can get. But when it comes to using a mobile data package abroad, many people…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/14828-31500-bill-for-downloading-1-TV-show-on-holiday.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/14828-31500-bill-for-downloading-1-TV-show-on-holiday.html)

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HAHAHHAHHAHA! Who in the heck would download a TV show and especially on a mobile phone? Lets see…hmmmz I have a 2 inch screen…yeah I’ll DL the HD version. That will look real good man!! :X The only thing that makes it even worse is he is an IT dweeb. All the people he has humiliated at work, that could not get email- printer doesn’t work etc …are having the last laugh. HAHAHHAHAHHAH!! coughs :S :X
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@Crabbyappleton The article said mobile broadband card like PCMCIA/ExpressCard/miniPCI WWAN device to their laptop


Yet another clueless “IT worker” who knows jackshit. I’d be embarrassed to even name my profession if I was caught doing something as lame and stupid as this.


it goes to show that the SMALL PRINT DOES MATTER read it and save yourself a packet


$62,500 / 40 minute episode = $1,562.50 a minute Wow.


as people travel more, their services of choice should travel with them - especially if they are labelled as ‘mobile’.


Wow… even the $450 fine hurts. I hardly pay that per year and I dload+upload TBs of data!