A 3-wheeled Peugeot!



Indeed, just check this one!
Bad link for non-french
Good link for frenchies



And that’s a good idea why?

Still, looks very cool!!!:bigsmile:


Isnt that the Jaguar lion on the side?


Quite like but not the same. I think its a panther.


Damn that looks quite alright! I’d really drive such a car :slight_smile:


It better be fast because when it starts raining… :bigsmile:


diferant is not always cool, looks nice from the front, but :Z from every other angle.
its eather a bike with 1 to many wheels or a car with 1 missing = bad idea.


Well dont worry then ako you wont see one ever, its a exhibition/prototype developed from a prototype so its prototype² :smiley:

Damn I must hurry and copyright “prototype²”


lol i guess i`am just getting to old to apreciate something like that :rolleyes:


Talk about makeing a U turn


Guess it would rock for drifting. They could make the rear wheel really big (wide) for more traction.


A Bike is better, a Big bike:)


big bike


plastic jag/wheelbarrow all the same order one for delboy


Nah, thats not a bike, This is a Big Bike!


Only if you want to pay me royalties!! I patented the “²” and you’re use of it requires payment now. And all the math books as well. :iagree:


I see you are using my alphabet for communicating without a license there kwkard…




sorry but that made me laugh. :smiley: