A 2-wheeled Peugeot-sphere-thing!



Link for anglosaxons!
Its even stranger than the 3-wheeled carbike!
And its called the Moovie.


now that is cool :cool: , very futureistic. i like it :slight_smile:


And where is my date going to sit, assuming I have one :wink:


You make her run along beside :wink:


or she could sit in the passenger seat! :rolleyes:


From the photo I don’t see any passenger seat :confused:

Maybe a date is mandatory to push the vehicle forward :bigsmile:


seats :slight_smile:


Ooooops :o

I missed it… :o :o :o


since when does inflatable dolls consits of needing a passenger seat in a car? :flower:


or how about this version, just what you need for late night doggin sesons :rolleyes:


It would get inhalled by a semi in the US and labeled “road kill”


I want both the 2-weeled and the 3-weeled Peugeot. :iagree: