A 1640 burned disc -> 2 very differnt error levels from 2 different drives



I oversped my CMC MAG E01 to 16X and see the QS for my BenQ DW1640 (the drive that burned the disc) and LiteOn LTC 48161H.

The “mountain” in the benq qs was probably due to the black spots or somewhat rings on the disc after burning i suppose, didn’t see any other reason…


Usually we would expect high errors at the end of the disk, you can try another 16x burn on CMC MAG EO1 and see what happens.

As for the LiteOn, the 48161H combo drive is not meant for scanning.


I have a lot of cmc mag eo01, and I swapped the write strat. with Mcc03. Its still not good enough media to burn at 16x though :doh:


Actually, if the disc didn’t have the 2 black spots on the data side then there will be less errors and the disc should have been of better quality, besides before the scan reached the “mountain” it showed > 95% and quite few PIF…

Is the 1640 a good scaner then? I suppose yes… lolzzzz




Here are two more scans of another disc from the same spindle and same content but burned at 8X

Wow, wazzup with the liteon?