£1.50 per minute Dialler

Hello, When you first come here does it try to download a £1.50 a minute dialler onto your Pc, because it did mine?

No it doesnt i assure you :slight_smile:

Maybe it comes as a result of a page you visited earlier, or you have some spyware installed in your pc already? Try scanning your hdd with adaware or something.

Pretty wierd ip address you have there :wink:


what? how u find it out.

ps. also can u go on cdfreaks irc?

Magic. :bigsmile:

ps. also can u go on cdfreaks irc?
[Off topic]Sorry for not replying to the PM. Been there, works ok :slight_smile: [/Off topic]

so how you get other cdfreaks ip’s?

[off topic] ok, nah i just never used irc before and wondered if anybody could go on it so i could try it out, as all my friends use msn :sad: [off topic]

Mods/admins have an extra button that allows us to see the IP used by the forum users…nothing secret about that…

oh ok, is that so u can report us if we do something illegal?

It’s simply a feature of the board software vBulletin. Most other boards have a similar feature.

We could do that…but never have
Even in the old forum we were able to see IP addresses of our visitors…

So what is weird about my IP address, and is it still weird?

nothing i was just joking :slight_smile:

so are you still getting the dialer thingy?

I don’t know where the pop-up came from for £1.50 per minute. It wasn’t from you. My machine was clean (nothing suspicious from Adaware & Spybot) , so must it have been from a website that I was opening up ?
(I probably had 5 opening at once, you know the score !).

Nevermind, welcome aboard anyways :slight_smile:

Would it be lazy of me to ask for a summary of what this place is? I know I should look, but I am trying to sync this palm pilot and down a beer and I have no spare hands :slight_smile:

No answer, so I think, I know i was a bit lazy of me and I now have 5 minutes, so I will go and see what you nice guys are all about, cd freaks , sounds fun. So I click on CDFREAKS at the top of the page, and blam. an ad for spyware removal. the sort of ad that I believe leads to spyware infection. what do you say about that?

CDFreaks = A place to learn how to make backups of your CD’s. It now also includes sections on DVD, Home Entertainment, Audio and many other sections. It’s primary aim is information in the optical sector.