A-05 problems

hello, first post here, and i see lots of info :slight_smile:

i have a problem with my a-05

i bought the unit bout 6 months ago, it worked fine with factory firmware 1.21 i believe… i removed drive for a couple weeks and when i put it back in, it just stopped working. i upgraded fw to latest (1.33) and that had no luck at all.

i sent the drive in to pioneer and explained the situation to them. the drive was not responding to -r/rw discs at all… tried many brands, same thing… would not erase/write cdr either.
worked with retail dvd movies, but thats it… when i insert a blank, (cdr/dvdr) it just sits there for about 30-40 seconds spinning…
when i try burning with nero, tries to initilize drive, but tells me problem related to disc.

anyway, pioneer took the drive… i didnt hear back for three weeks… came to my door today, and it still did the same thing, even though on the invoice it says “passed all tests” makes me feel like they hooked it up to a diagnostic unit, not tried to burn a disc… anyway this is fustrating as hell…

ive tried for the last 4 hrs to get this POS going, but to no avail… last action i took was downgrading fw to original… still nothing.

so if anyone here has any suggestions i would be much abliged.

thank you

guess i forgot to add specifics.

xp pro sp1
dma enabled
media tried, pioneer dvdrw (will not read/write)
maxell dvdrw (same as above)
fuji dvdr writes, but will not read in drive or player afterward

software used is nero, and i tried stomp… no go on both,

im probably going to smash this thing with a hammer and go buy another brand

interesting, no responses.