99min overburning, need help

ok now that i’ve burnt a couple discs i just got… not lookin so great

i did an audio disc with 103 minutes set to burn just to see where it’d go to, dont know exactly what the figure was but got to 1:12 in the 30th song, though it starts to have cracks an pops in the last 2 or 3 minutes… but anyway i’m not so interested in the max time it can fit anymore

i burnt a version of waterworld i have, 875mb divx exactly, 99:30 minutes

i did it at 4x, and when i go to nero cd speed to test errors, its loaded! i use taiyo yuden 80min discs so i am used to there being exactly 0 (0.000%) errors, this wont even complete the test

nero cd speed scandisc came out to something like 86% good, 13% damaged, and .5% unreadable

the beginning of the disc is loaded with errors, and then at 70mins or so it just spirals way outa whack for a few mins of the disc and the test (cd quality check) aborts

atip of the cd’s (with unknown manufacturer) are 96m43s33f

any pointers?

90/99min discs are problematic since data are packed closer. Which in many cases leads to less than perfect burns.

I don’t really have a good advice to give, except to try to stay away from 90/99min discs as much as possible.

What writer you use is important and also what firmware version you use is(Try the newest version availible for your drive).

Also many readers can’t read 90/99min discs.

Afaik LiteOn writers are perfectly capable of writing 90/99 min cds. Check this review from Tom’s Hardware Page for more info on burning 90/99 min and its compatibility issues.

ya its a liteon (40x) writer… the thing that was emphasized in that article is burning at 1x or 2x which i cant do, does that mean this whole 100 spindle is useless?

i do primarily use TY 80min discs, i got these for special cases like oversize movies and long music cd’s (a little crack/popping is acceptable in the last minute or two for me)