99min cd screwed my drive?

Anyone help here… i tried to write to a 99min blank cd (with a matsumi cdr-8804te on windows xp). i got a error msg about it being a ilegal toc, now i got the messege all the time, does this on different burning software(nero, blindwrite etc)…any suggestions?


Is your drive even compatible with 99 min cds?

If not, you shouldn’t be surprised if it’s an 80 min CD and you get errors. The CD capacity is there for a reason, just like speeds ratings.

that’s the thing, I never checked . I didn’t think it could cause physical damage to my drive, could it be something in windows xp. Like a variable setting?

oh did I mention it reads fine, it only does the error thing when I try to write (only tried it on 80 min CDs, that’s all i usually use)…


I know the problem, I had the same problem with some 850mb cds, it remembers the size of the last used cd ore something, my drive thinks that all cds I insert are 650, and when I try burning 680 mb on a 700mb cd, I get an error messages, but I just say continue anyway, and it burns and it works fine, but I still get the error messages.

I use WINonCD, great program, much better that Nero.

Thanks xorzisten,

but if it set the size to the last disk used. Surely there’s gotta be a ini file or some system file with it set in?.

Thanks again

Well maybe there is, but I dont know where it is, and it could just as well be hidden in another kind of file.


thanks anyway mate

Your drive MUST be physically capable or writing 99 minute discs.

If it is: have you enabled overburning in Nero?

See attached pictures.

On the General Tab: set the markers accordingly. Maximum should be at least 99:59:74

When you go to wrtite the disc, make sure you do it as Disc At Once (aka DAO). I’d suggest you lower the speed than what’s in this picture:

Well, because I’ve never burned a 99min cd before, I wanted to ask if it is possible to “physically damage” (as nero sais) your recorder by this…

Thanks for all your help :slight_smile:

I emailed mistumi and got a very fast reply (next day), after a few days of sending info back - forth, the tech gave me a Laser Calibration program to run in a safe dos environment. It did the trick, every thing seems fine again… :).

again thanks for the help

Hey xorzisten,

you said you had a similar problem, maybe a solution to your’s to?