99 Min media?

I have been trying to burn an mpeg of 75 mins/ 920mpg (ish) to a VCD. I tried all different programmes, ie Nero, RecordNow Max (all latest versions) but none can recognise my Infiniti 99min / 900mb CDR and consequently failed to burn. My burner is an OC’d 40125S and works perfectly with other stuff.

Is there a way to make it work?

Many thanks!


my 99min cd’s top out around 100 mins flat, or 876ish megs

looks like you’re gonna be 44 megs over no matter what ya do…

I may be talking rubbish here but I thought you could burn over the specified Mb as long as the Min is within the limit, and vice-versa. I am sure I did that before…but again, my brain could be playing tricks on me.


The mins are not important. Ususally you make VCD in a way that 1min video = 1min of “cd”, but not necessarily.

VCD is burned mode 2 form 2, so you can get 920 MB onto a 99min disc easily, maybe even onto a 90min disc (920 MB require about 92min of cd-space)

der, stupid me
completely missed the part about it being a vcd disc

but how…?

I tried all programmes and none seems to see the disc as 99mins. All says its 79min (or whatever) and 703mb or something. That’s the problem…

Is it the hardware, or software? And how do I adjust it?


It’s you. In german NGs one usually says “the error is in front of your screen”…:stuck_out_tongue:

Use Nero, activate overburning in the advanced options and chose DAO-mode.

Note that a 99min disc is something like a 80min disc that can be overburned at least 19min with an appropriate writer.

All 90/99 minute CDs show up at 80 minute CDs. They just aren’t :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Alex,

I did turn on the overburn option but not the DOA mode. THAT MADE THE DIFFERENCE.

Cheers guys!