99 min cds

I first searched for this under the liteon forum but the “99” part was coming up with an error .

I was just wondering , what software and settings would i use to burn the full 99 min on my liteon 40125s ?

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I first searched for this under the liteon forum but the “99” part was coming up with an error .

I was just wondering , what software and settings would i use to burn the full 99 min on my liteon 40125s ?

  1. Software --> Nero Burning Rome

  2. Settings -->

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An 800 MB (90 minute) disc is a nonstandard length. Any disc over 700 MB (80 minutes) must use Nero overburn settings to allow it to be burned. Use the following settings:

  1. Don’t use the Nero Wizard. It will not allow overburning as it defaults to Track-At-Once. If it is active, close it.

  2. Multisession | No Multisession must be checked

  3. ISO | Check Mode 1 and Joliet

  4. Burn | Check Write and Finalize CD (No further writing possible). Write method must be Disk-At-Once.

  5. In the main menu, File | Preferences | Expert Settings check “Enable overburn disk-at-once burning”. If you are using a 800 MB data disc, you can set the Maximum CD length to 90 minutes 0 seconds 0 frm. Hit Apply, then OK. If you are using a 650 or 700 MB data disc, use the overburn capacity test in Nero CD Speed to estimate the maximum overburn capacity.

  6. The Red and Yellow marker settings in File | Preferences | General Settings have no effect on burning or overburning. They are there just as a visual aid.

These settings should allow you to attempt an overburn if your recorder and the media support it.

Does anyone about the compatability with my burner and the 99 min CDs ? has anyone had any luck ?

The Lite-on LTR 40125S can overburn and is compatible with the 99 minute discs, which by definition are low quality discs.

If 99 minute discs work at all, they are much more likely to have early failures. They also may be unreadable by other devices.

The reason why i wanted to know weither my cdrw is compatable is that i plan to burn alot of my 750 meg divx files . I know that i can split the divx files but i think this would be more of a waste of time , as it would use alot more cds .

Use 90’s 800 Mb then - they should meet your requirements

Yes, as BoSkin said, you can use 90 minute discs if your files are truly 750 MB.

Just on the outside chance that you are referring to files of approximately 750,000,000 bytes in Explorer, these files are about 715 MB when the MB conversion is done. 715 MB files can be overburned with a nominal 80 minute disc that has been tested for overburn capacity in excess of about 716 MB. 80 minute discs with an overburn capacity range of 717 to 724 MB are not too hard to find.

I have overburned many DivX AVI files of up to 723 MB on 80 minute CDR’s.:slight_smile:

This Disc is designed for CD-RW/COMBO Drive Only.
Disc Type, Material = CD-R, Phthalocyanine
ATIP Lead-in = 96m 43s 37f
Norminal Capacity = 702.83MB (79m 59s 74f)
Disc Manufacturer maybe = RiTEK(90min)
SMART-BURN Speed Limit = 32X

Burnt at 32x with 40125S ZS0N.
I bought it to test with my Lite-On 40125S ZS0N. Seems i was little bit too optimistic about this disc… Wanted to get those 882mb on it so i overburned it to 100:36.0 or something like that which turned out to be a bad idea. When writing the last percent and the lead out the drive began to spin up and down but it said burn process succesful. Data verification didn’t think so though…
Now my burner doesn’t even see there’s a media in the drive, cd speed won’t run at all. Nero (which I also used to burn the disc) says that the disc has 3684:01.6 min or 32380MB on it with Medium-Info.
The disc works in my old Hitachi GD-2500 (8x DVD from 1999) and plays quite well, just not the last part that probably lies over 99min on the disc that didn’t write well. Speed is a bit slow though (but the reader can only read cds at 16x anyway) but it works at least.
I’ll go get another disc ($1.5US… damn that’s expensive) and I won’t burn more than 99 mins on it, lets see if I can check it with CD Speed then. I’ll post the test when I get the new disc.

Thank you all for your replys , i cheaked my rips and they are mostly about 716 or less . So i think i might try overburning an 80 min CDR . Can anyone give me some sugestions about what settings i might use on nero ?
I use

Thanks guys

See the above post regarding that

I used CD speed to find out the overburn capasity , which was 83 mins and 10 seconds . I think this is around 727 megs ?

I overburnt queen of the damned . avi (715 megs) No problem

Is it wise to test it to the limits ?

It may be interesting to test the overburn capacity to its limits, but whether it is wise to do so for a recording for which you want and expect long life is another matter. A wise choice is marked by the exercise of good judgment.

When you push overburning to its limits, it may eventually fail. It will also probably fail earlier as the outer limits are approached. The extra information is being written to the disc lead out, which was never intended to be used to store data. The quality of the lead out at the extreme edge of the disc will probably be of lower quality than the rest of the disc, and less reliable.

ok , thanks for your advice . I had a decent look at all my rips and i am sure that none of them are over 720 megs . Might keep my limit at that number .

thanks again guys

I was just wondering if anyone knew how safe it was to write of my CDRs with a permanent marker . They r the vivid kind – here is a pic


Again, “safe” like “wise” is a relative term. From a short term point of view, there have been few (if any) reports of problems caused by the use of markers on CDR’s.

Unfortunately, the chemicals used in markers probably vary all over the map. Some markers may contain solvents that could react with the coating of the CDR, so that it may eventually degrade or corrode the surface enough to allow air to penetrate the disc. When that happens, it’s all over.

There is no way to know this for sure until someone does some chemical analysis and/or tests of various markers and their chemical contents. To my knowledge, this has not been done yet.

I have used Sharpies, like many others, with good results so far. There are special CD permanent markers, like the TDK CD Mark, which state that it is safe to use on all CD recordable discs. Until test results are in, this would probably be the safest choice for long term disc integrity.

when i was ordering my oversize cd’s for similar things, i contemplated getting 90 min instead of 99min

i use them infrequently and i expect my 100 spindle to last a good while, i got the 99mins (ritek)

they’ve worked very well for me

with music, depending on the player (portables work well) it goes to about 100:20

data is strange, the first few discs i ever burned were crap, but now i can burn a disc that will read 100% grean

the largest i’ve got onto a disc is 874 or 876megs i beleive
typically with such large burns i will get a couple yellow spots on the disc, but it will read flawlessly and quickly in my liteon

i dont burn critical things on 99min discs, but they often come in handy and spare me the expense of splitting files

if you find you have mostly 750meg files that need to be burned but occasionally 820meg files… i say get 99min
i wouldnt burn critical things on 90min anyway… so i just go ahead and use 99mins instead of having both on hand

Guys I am using 24x10x40 from BENQ [formerly ACER] I burn a cd [800 MB capacity] with 735 MB of data successfully, but when i tried to read it it showed corrupt data. Is it that the overburn is only for audio/video and NOT FOR DATA??
any suggestions


Your problem is crap media. If you use better discs, it should work


What media do you use ? This is a very delicate matter.

I have used and still have few left - CompUSA 99min CDRs.

I used em to burn a few large divx movies and a few ISO images, with no problems at all.

LiteOn 32123S

Unfortunately, I don’t think they sell them anymore.