99 min CD problem


I’ve just purchased a spindle of “Infiniti Professional 99min/866MB” cds. It says on the label “up to 99min with compatible hardware”. They have a list of compatible writers on their website (www.medeainternational.com) and my Plextor 8432 is listed, up to 89:52min. However, after burning a 750MB (about 85min)file with Nero 5, I find that it cannot be read by either my Plextor or Teac CDROM. It gets part way through copying the cd in Windows Explorer and gives me an error.

Has anybody else tried these discs?



Nope, but I tried the 90min/800mb cd’s, but i couldn’t burn them with Nero 5. Instead of using nero I use Paradus Disk Jugler. This prog. burned my 90min CD full with data (DivX), I can read the cd with the plex 8/4/32 and with my pioneer DVD, alse AOpen didn’t have any problems reading the cd.
So I suggest you try Paradus … with your 99min cd, maybe it will work

Greetz :stuck_out_tongue: Lathieza :stuck_out_tongue:

wil this solve my prob. i can burn 99min with nero and my lite-on, but they wont play in a pioneer 105s or 106s.

how fast did you burn it at? if you plan to burn that far out on the edge, i might suggest you burn a little slower than you would normally…

8x speed

i usually burn my 99 minued discs at 4x, with 8x on audio cds, i had skips.