99 min/900 MB disc: cannot overburn

Right, my writer is fairly old - a LiteOn LTR52246S, updated with firmware flash from the LiteOn site. I can burn 800 meg discs via Nero’s Overburn method, but cannot do so with 900 meg discs. Additionally, I cannot use Nero’s overburn test because I can’t enter anything into the test capacity box. A disc quality test shows a fairly large amount of damage (yellow).

Is this because my drive simply cannot handle 900 MB discs, or is it a problem with the discs?

You cannot use the overburn test if you don’t have a blank inserted. Could this be the problem?
It could be that the drive can’t handle 900 MB discs, but as I don’t have experience with your Litey I don’t know.
The disc quality test… have you tested a 700 or 800 MB disc? Are you talking about C2 or about ScanDisc results?

Could it be that you use the feature “Ignore Media Type” in Alcohol 120% (or similar feature in other programs)?

Yes, there was a blank 900 MB disc in the drive at the time :wink:

I don’t have Alcohol installed. I used to, but took it off almost a year ago. I can’t remember if I was using that feature or not (I certainly don’t remember it).


Well it seems that 90/99 minutes overburning can be limited to information of the atip.
So it is possible that one disc of a manufacturer works and a disc from another manufacturer doesn’t !