99% CPU Load with Latest Showtime 2



Have a 600 MHz PIII with 384 MB RAM and W2K Pro SP1. My PowerDVD 4.0 runs great with a constant 40% CPU load. But if I switch to the latest version of Nero Showtime 2 (upgraded version of PowerDVD 4.0), the CPU hits 99 to 100%. The results…stuttering video and sound! The optical drive is an NEC 3500A running in DMA mode 2.

This is silly. Why would Showtime 2 pull so much CPU clock time? There has to be a bug with the program.


First I suggest you rip the movie to hard drive, and run the programs from hard drive. this will eliminate the optical drive from the problem. (for testing, I mean)

Then, your CPU is starting to become low end for heavy video viewing and transcoding/encoding. I know you use PowerDVD 4.0, but for example, do you know what are the requirements for PowerDVD 6.0?

… Processor: Pentium 4 1.0 GHz, Pentium M 1.0 GHz, or AMD Athlon 1.2 GHz or above*
… *Note: PowerDVD 6’s advanced audio and video technologies function better when used with processors above 2 GHz.

My comment: this is starting to be rediculous, 2GHz CPU? WTF. They should use hardware assisted functions, or it’s time to get from the closet my old Sigma Hollywood DVD card :frowning:


I’m not complaining about backing up DVDs. I could process a 2 hr DVD movie at 8X in 24 min. The problem is that Showtime 2 came preloaded with NVE. Showtime 2 and PowerDVD 4 are DVD playback proggies. I’m sure the DVD format hasn’t changed in several years. So why would PowerDVD require more CPU power for the BASIC playback function? If one starts out with a high quality original recording, then the picture should look great. All those add-ons redigitizing will only add more noise to the video.