99+ Audio tracks

Hi all,
I am trying to compile an audio cd of 110 tracks!
I am aware of the 99 track in one go limit so have tried multi-session.
The first session I burn 99 tracks “Do not finalize” is always selected.
No matter how I go about it when I try the second session it says the cd is not compatible (listed as a CD-Rom not CD/R)

Is there a way to do it?

Cheers for any help.

Sorry you can’t do it. There is a maximum number of 99 tracks (+ 1 pseudo-track for the CD title).
You could in theory put more on, but you would break the standard and it might not play in anything (that’s why nothing will let you put on any more).

I take they’re MP3? Because that many WAV won’t fit.

Burn in DAO96 mode for up to 250 songs/folders

Thanks for the replies folks.
Petera, I was beginning to suspect that may be the case, especially since most players only have a two digit display.
FuterProof, they are MP3 but am converting on the fly to wav, they are only 10-30 seconds each.
Tried DAO96 but that failed too.
It’s as if the first session is finalizing the disk - even though I tick not to. When I try the second session Nero informs me that the media is not writable.
I have also tried two sessions, one of 50 tracks and the other of 49 tracks - so the limit is not exceeded. This failed too.
I have used multi session in the past to save data but never audio, I am getting the impression I am doing something wrong somewhere or else why does Nero say that the disk is not writable??
Any more thoughts would be much appreciated, especially since it now seems that multi session is not working for me with audio files :confused:

There is not nessessaraly anything wrong…

If you think about it, audio cd’s seperate data using tracks (some visible, some not) so if you burn 50 tracks then it is actually 51, so 49 would be 50 (the extra track being the new TOC, disc title and other stuff) so 51+50=101 so you broke the standard again:(

but in my opinion multisession audio cd’s don’t seem as “compatable” in some players as cd’s done in DAO mode.

I’ll stick to 99 from now on,