99.5% file fragmentation

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I have been using Nero to copy DVD’s, I basicly burn to an image file onto one of my hard drives. but I can only burn 5 dvd 4.5 gig files to an 80 gig hard drive. Each time I burn to the hard drive the files becomes fragmentated and the most I can do before I defrag the drive is 5. Is this common for Nero to cause such fragmentation?
The hard drive is only use for this purpose and I format before I start a new project. Is anyone else having this issue?


Fragmentation is always a problem when working with video, given the fact that it takes about 4GB to rip from a DVD and another 4GB to burn it back to disk. That’s 8GB for every 1 DVD produced … multiplied by 5 DVDs, you’re using roughly 40GB (or half of your drive space) if you’re waiting to defrag after producing 5 DVDs.

It’s best to defrag your drive often, which in my case, is after about 2 DVDs produced.

I have simplified the fragmentation problem further by partitioning my hard drive, and using the second partition ONLY for video. In this way, my C: drive doesn’t get fragmented at all. But I still defrag the video partition after every 1 or 2 DVDs produced.

Remember too, that if your drive is too fragmented when you produce a DVD, you can get choppy chapters on the DVD you produce, since the fragmented disk has to search harder to feed the files to the DVD.

I notice you have an 80GB drive. If you don’t care to invest in a larger drive (I would recommend a 120GB or larger drive), you could partition your current drive to allow 30GB for video on the second partition; leaving 50GB for C:.

I also use a defragmentation program from O&O software to defragment the video partition while WindowsXP is running. It only takes a few minutes, and I can resume producing DVDs after it has run its course without having to reboot, or worrying about fragmentation on my C: drive.

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The 80Gig drive is strickly used for Video, I use another drive for Temp files, and the OS is on another drive. I also use O&O to defrag, I was just wondering if this much fragmentation is normal.

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Fragmentation is the norm for video files, when one considers they’re taking 4 GB chunks out of your drive each time you want to do something. And the more DVDs you make, the worse fragmentation gets (as you know).

I don’t recommend that you “store” up to 5 dvds on your drive. Just do one dvd at a time, then delete the files after you’re finished and burned that 1 dvd to a DISC, not the hard drive. Then defragment. Then do another dvd. Repeat. If you have 5 dvds on your hard drive, you have committed the drive to at least 20 of your 80GB to store them. If they have to be further processed before you make them into a burned DVD, you’re likely to use up 40GB of your 80GB.

I also use O&O to defrag. If I leave O&O’s Autosense defrag on, it can come on right in the middle of encoding or burning, which is, needless to say, annoying. So, I check fragmentation levels manually.

I also check fragmentation levels after every dvd has been burned and I have removed the original files. I don’t get concerned until the fragmentation level reaches about 35 percent, then I just run O&O in the Stealth mode.

I usually try to keep my partition’s fragmentation level to no more than 10 percent; keeping a constant 5 percent level is ok, but not really necessary, at least for me. Finally, once a month, I do a thorough check of fragmentation and will sometimes use O&O’s Space mode.

Bottom line: How you handle fragmentation is a matter of personal taste, but fragmentation, and lots of it, is part of the video legend. And if you store more than 1 dvd at a time on your drive, your chances for problems increase. Not only that, but hard drives are only meant to be a staging area until you can burn your DVD to disc.