98SE's max GB support?



Hey guys,
Im thinking of moving back to 98SE simply cos it is alot better than XP. I will be a Seagate 200GB Barracuda soon and wanted to ask: how many gb will 98 pick up on it? Is it worth just sticking wiv XP :confused:



Check this out

Look like it support up to 2TB to me

hope this helps


Out of curiosity, at what is 98 better than XP?


BSOD :wink:


You are joking right?


at first i was like you, i thought i hate xp i’m never going to get used to it so i’ll go back to 98, so i did, then realised that i was completely wrong, went back to xp and never turned back since. I can’t imagine why anyone would do this, sure everyone hates xp, i’m forever cursing at it but i still wouldn’t downgrade.


Well it seems like im alone here. I never had any BSOD when I was using 98SE (same hardware). I find it runs alot better than XP and faster. Also alot of older progs/games run better.



It’s better at requesting that you “Please insert the disc labelled Windows 98 CD-ROM” every time you make any changes.
Oh, and not to mention the mis-management of resources.


98 is still based on 16bit core, which is by “default” less stable then windows xp. Also XP ensures best PnP features, and lots of other pretty goodies, not to mention design and easy GUI. Most apps run good on WinXp, haven’t experienced yet a single problem with it :slight_smile:

Also, the CPU/Memory has had a boost in XP. You can’t have HT in 98…With SP2, you might even explore DEP or NX Bit, if your cpu supports it.


Oh come on guys there must be some1 that thinks the same here!



98SE is highly unstable. If you’re having probs running XP something must be wrong with your setup, as the pure 32-bit NT kernel (NT/2000/XP) is far more stable than Win9x’s 16/32-bit hybrid mess.


I see where your coming from with the gaming point of view because i did the same thing a little while ago but hated 98SE so changed back to XP PRO much better faster and stable doesnt crash sa often over nothing


well i still have 2 98se machines here along side 2 xp home machines. both 98se are running fine. my 1 daughter keeps a 98 machine for games that her xp machines wont run just like me. i built a 98se machine for my other daughter last fall. hers runs just fine allso. the 98se machines dont get taxed real hard might be why we dont have trouble with them but at least we can still play some good old games that xp wont play. so i guess were lucky that uncle bills BSOD dont visit us but once in a blue moon. a couple of our xp machines give us more trouble than the 98se’s do. ok now im ready to hear how i must be full of it but just my 2 cents worth.


Instaboot with super fast PC!!

Other than that… better compatibility for older games. Works better on older computer (well Duh!)


I must admit that I haven’t used 98 seriously since I got Windows 2000 (which was pretty short after it was released). It was such a relieve that I didn’t have to reboot every half an hour (because of the worthless memory management etc). In 2003 I made the switch to Windows XP. Ok, it requires quite some more capacity, but compared to 98SE, I think it’s way better. Not that I’m happy with XP, but it doesn’t crash as easy as 98 does and it has better resource management. Except for the memory management though… never succeed in getting more than a week uptime when under heavy use (always memory troubles). Windows 2000 was somewhat better in that.


Win98SE never, EVER asks me for the CD!

Unless desperate for space, I’ve always copied the files to HD and installed from there - the time taken copying is more than made up during the install, and you avoid all that hunting for CD lark!


nobody has mentioned that you can only have up to 512mb RAM in 98, anymore than that it can’t handle as it can’t address that much memory, get a decrease in performance. XP can handle 4Gb…not that i’d want 4Gb of RAM for anything in particular, but i think its my god given right to have a stupid amount of RAM if i want to pointlessly waste all my money away…


W98SE can run some proggies FASTER than WXP. However, WXP is MUCH more stable and is not limited by SYSTEM RESOURCES. You can create a dual boot machine with two primary C partitions. This will allow you to switch between W98 and WXP. Note that you need to create a FAT32 partition for W98. WXP can use FAT32 or NTFS.

You will also encounter a lot of wasted space with the use of a large FAT32 partition (windows defaults to 16 KB cluster size instead of 4 KB). To overcome this problem, simply use Bootit ng (free for 30 days) to create several smaller extended logical partitions AFTER the primary C partition.


I can only recall Win98 for the debug programs I use, because they don’t have all the dlls, calls and much more as in windows xp. Other then that, XP is the way to go…


i like win98 because it could play warcraft 2 (dos version).

everything else about it can go to hell. of course, i can BSOD winxp just as fast as win98, but at least with xp there is a chance it could get fixed (wish i could afford new ram :p). 98 never consistently crashed for the same reason.

of course, this pc came pre-installed with windows ME, so i can appreciate 98 a little. if the issue is stability though, w2k always. or bsd.