98SE to XP -- Burner no longer works



Hi, I have an external cd burner on my laptop using a pcmcia firewire card.

I upgraded to XP a while back and now almost everytime I try to make a cd, it errors. On 98SE, I never once had a burn issue.

Also, I notice that sometimes my cd burner drive disappears from my drive list.

Any ideas? I would like to back up all my data so I can go back to 98, but its kinda hard with a useless cd burner :frowning:

Oh yeah, it will sometimes work if I use 4x for burning. Burner is a 48x though :frowning:

Thank you much.



Your main problem may be that you did an “upgrade install” of XP instead of a clean install. In any case, you have a driver issue. suggest you find the proper XP driver for your firewire card and install that after removing the current one.


Upgrade was the wrong term I suppose.

I did a clean install with XP Pro


I just updated the aspi drivers and still no go…
any ideas?
also… usually my cd burner shows up as "CD Drive (F:) if it shows up at all. It very rarely shows up as CDRW


what brand/model is the cd-rw?