9800se problem

Don’t know how to explain this problem.
I have bought 9800se and cannot use it, because it restarts the pc before or on the user’s screen of winxp (the screen freezes or is restarted without asking)

I have tried to install drivers on “Safe Mode” in Winxp, but when ask to reboot it’s the same :wtf:

First I start on the drivers Omega(downloaded) and I put 9800se overcloked (and normal too), then I try to install the disc drivers that come with the graphic card (Ati display driver), installs perfectly the Winxp driver, I put “not to reboot” to install the catalyst drivers that come on the same disc and there is when freezes the pc (the red light keeps lit, as if it was working).
Note: before installing again any other driver I have insured myself of erasing the previous one. :confused:

Can’t install any driver :sad:

My pc caracteristics:
P4m80-m7a with bios update
Winxp with sp2
Pentium4 3.01ghz

Reading a somewhat similar problem, it seems I have to format and reinstall WindowsXp :confused: