98% quality dual layer?



when i burn these exact disks on my drive liton ihas220 they end up at 75-85% quality should upgrade to a better burner?

or does this have to do with the jitter being not shown?


Maybe try scanning in the liteon too?


i dont have any of his disks but he scanned mine at his end and it come up 84%

i think i may have solved a problem with my burner thou i will repost a scan from mine when done burning.

just looking around here 98% seems rare on dual layer media


Yes it is, but I’ve never seen 100%!


Try a scan with Nero CD/DVD Speed in the Lite-on. It is free to use.


here is a scan from my burner using crap media

here is a scan using good media

now is this just a crappy burner or is it something else? should i stick to the crap media as it seems to work better? at what quality level should i pitch the disk and reburn?



same disks scanned in nero

crappy media

good media


You can’t go by the pure quality score alone to determine whether or not to use the crap discs, or to get a new burner. At what speeds did you all burn the discs? And is the MKM 003 Verbatim branded?


yes it say verbatim right on the disk, got them at stapels. burned the crap disk at 4x burned the verbatims at 2.4x


Why’d you burn the MKM 003 at 2.4x? They don’t usually like to be written that slowly. :disagree: The minimum you should do with the average batch of MKM 003 is 4x, with 6x or 8x even being a sweet spot for good quality on those Verbatims [they were designed for high-speed writing, as was the iHAS220].


tired at 8 x per your sugestion and it got alot worse on the quality