98 percent of people cannot record music

It’s strange, with all the talk of which encoder is the best, etc., etc., that 98 percent of the mp3’s downloaded are horribly clipped. That is, the amplitude is set so high, like 150 percent during recording, that much of the audio information is completely missing. This makes any song sound very very distorded/bad. Sometimes you can find another download that’s in better shape, sometimes you cannot, like the rare, hard-to-find stuff. What’s even more strange, most programs I’ve seen for recording/encoding do a fair job, you just have to leave the defaults set, and watch the easy to read record volume level indicator, and adjust the amplitude accordingly. How do people get such ugly files? Do they think setting the volume to max will produce a louder, better recording? Learn what a “Clip” indicator is, at least. This will save me many many hours of fixing and cleaning up all those clipped mp3’s :slight_smile:

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So , you grab those mp3’s for free and you start complaining ?

There is a solution for this you know ?


As long as the music industry releases broken discs which look like a CD-DA, but are no CD-DAs (“copy protected”), people must download the MP3 files as an equivalent of a backup if no hardware is present to backup these things :wink:

And at least german law allows to have someone else make a private backup for you if you don’t have the necessary equipment.

You know how to rip, others don’t. Big deal. So why don’t you stop stealing music from P2P and start buying some CDs from the store. Say what? You ain’t gonna waste your money? Well in that case, STFU.:Z

Yes, people shall buy CDs. And every drive can read CDs.

But the strange round things which are nowadays sold are no CDs, they don’t even claim to be CDs (no CD-DA logo), and they can’t be played on some players, incl car radios and DVD players.

=> you buy such a thing, but can’t play it, because your DVD player doesn’t recognise it (because it only plays CDs and DVDs). Do you suggest that downloading the songs on that disc (which you have bought) in order to listen to them is bad or illegal?

<hint> The music industry is welcome to sell CD-DAs </hint>

As long as they sell this replay-protected stuff, sometimes P2P-downloads are even required to listen to music you have payed for.

I guess most people are even not aware that a recording volume slider is present in their computer. By the way, it is hidden in SB live cards :slight_smile:

But the sad truth is that many of clipped MP3s come from commercial clipped CDs (granted that 99.9999% of MP3 come from CDs and that normalizing can’t clip). Nowadays, the music producer asks one thing to the mastering engineer : “either this CD sounds thrice as loud as the one of the other record company, either you’re fired !”
And we can listen to the result. Most of the time, it’s just over-compressed, but there are CDs out there that are recorded clipped.

Only in Jazz, classical, or world music, can we listen to recent dynamics recordings.

They do that with the intention to make people buy DVD Audio :rolleyes:

Originally posted by alexnoe
They do that with the intention to make people buy DVD Audio :rolleyes:

GREAT!..Another challenge to create our own personal backups…:bigsmile: :cool:

Since the mid 90’s most pop/dance/rock/hip hop etc are produced with clipped peaks in the first place. Most mp3’s you get on p2p have been ripped not recorded which does not (well maybe slightly) increase the ammount of clipping

Originally posted by alexnoe
As long as they sell this replay-protected stuff, sometimes P2P-downloads are even required to listen to music you have payed for.

lol, I like the idea of copy protection having got so out of hand you can’t even listen to a disk first hand.
They will have special decoder CD players to play these disks where you have to scan your iris and put in a 128 bit password to be allowed to listen to each track.
Hey, let’s scrap that useless bit of plastic and go into a record store to buy a CD cover with a ‘licence’ code on it so that we can feel less guilty when we download the album from p2p, or even dare we say it direct from the record company online using our licence code.

Good thing there are actually 98% of peole who rip CDs for the sharing pleasure of the other 2% of mofos who only do P2P and never buy CDs… blah blah blah. If you don’t like what you d/led, BUY IT.

Everybodu needs to learn to appreciate quality – and start ripping at 320kbps. Enough said, dog ears, bull sheet. I dont care. 320 is the best q available and those that are SATISFIED with 192 have some shitty speakers. If you all want descent CDs you need to rip at 320 CBR.

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If you all want descent CDs you need to rip at 320 CBR.
Really ? :rolleyes: Isn’t it true that those are being created of uncompressed WAVs @1411 kbps ?

Don’t apologize for downloading. If anything we should be on the offensive. The labels have been found in violation of trade laws and paid fines. Rep. John Carter (Tx) wants to jail students who download. What a moron! Lightweights like this get elected because they’re accomlished at kissing _ _ _. With all the issues out there this moron wants to go after those dangerous downloaders who are depriving the restraint-of-trade music companies of their ill-gotten excess profits. Campaign contributions talk pretty loud. These people want to buy off legislators to force us to buy 10 garbage tracks to get 1 that’s worth anything.


we are talking about mp3z here. As for best music files to create AudioCDs, Iam not arguing that wavs are the choice. If people want to use mp3z as their sourse for sharing in p2p and then burning Cds, they need to start using the LAME sheet with 320. NUff said.

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they need to start using the LAME sheet with 320
Kinda hard to disagree with that !
Nethertheless, my point was about the quality when talking about decent CDs. Get the picture ?