96k mp3 with lame



I like mp3 and was wondering what is the best settings for a 96k encode at 44.1 rate.At the moment i have made this command line working with lame 3.96.1.
–preset cbr 96 -q 2 -h -substep1 --noshort --lowpass 12.0 --resample 44.1
Would it be better to go from 44.1 to 48 rate because i heard some rumours some time a go about encoding at 48khz you will avoid some artifacts But then again lame was tuned for a 44.1 rate.You will notice if you just do cbr 96k you might get a ringing sound which is real annoying.Just like for somebody to check out my cli and answer back. Thanks,


You will creat some additional artifacts by sample rate conversion - the use of 32KHz sample rate in some lower rate tests alway raises that issue, as it’s more complex than doubling/smatthing samples (11 to 22, 22 to 44) or averaging samples (44 to 22, 22 to 11).

Not sure about specifying NO anything - before the presets, I considered --nspsytune as an essential, but I believe that’s in the preset.

I have a vague recollection that something went wrong with the CBR tunings in 3.96.1, and that 3.93.1 may be better for CBR.


Had no idea that there might of been some bad cbr tunnings in 3.96.1, maybe you meant 3.96.0 that had some problems.–nspytune, i am pretty sure that is built into the preset commands because i couldn’t find anything about it in --longhelp and it wouldn’t recognise (–nspytune) command.Though i remmeber reading something about the lame presets having better quality than normal commands and that they have nspytune model used automatically.The thing is i wasn’t doing a sample rate conversion because the input file is 44.1 khz
so really (–resample 44.1) is’nt resampling it’s just forcing it to stay at 44.1 rate.I have do to this beacause it is such a low bitrate i am encoding to plus i had to lower the lowpass plus some other enhancments so lame automaticaly chooses 32 khz but i don’t want that see so that’s why.In regard to use lame 3.93.1 are you getting mixed up with lame 3.90.3.I know for a fact that 3.90.3 is the most popular version and is the best for alt preset standard.One thing for sure, i remeber was reading about lame versions and it said Lame 3.93.x = Do not use.


soory about that version 3.93.1 is ok to use :stuck_out_tongue: