960GB SSD 189.00 Unreal



Now this is a great bargain.


At the moment, eBuyer UK has the SanDisk 960GB Ultra II for £150 with free delivery.

Very tempting, but I think I’ll wait for it to hit the magic £100 mark first. :slight_smile:

Since I built my PC back in 2009, I’ve been upgrading the SSD to the next one double in size each time one came within a certain price point, starting with an OCZ Agility 60GB, then a Vertex II 120GB, then a 240GB SanDisk Extreme and finally a SanDisk Ultra II 480GB.

I had the 60GB and 120GB for roughly a year each, each which failed and were RMA’d a few months after installation. I had the SanDisk 240GB for about 4 years (fault free) as SSD prices did not come down much up until last year. I got the 480GB SSD earlier this year and probably will keep using it until a 1TB model hits the £100 mark. :wink:


I haven’t tried any of their SSDs but I have several of their flash drives and sdhc cards that have all worked exceptionally well.


[As bargains go, this one has changed. It’s up to 209 dollars right now.]


If you actually check Newegg and Amazon their are many 960GB and 1TB SSDs for less than 199.99 on the internet. They will probably go much lower as higher TB drives become available. Look for 2 and 4tb SSDs on the market in the second half of 2016.