96/24 DTS featured on first major DVD-Video title

I just posted the article 96/24 DTS featured on first major DVD-Video title.

Currently the audio market is changing. While for many years the CD has dominated the market with it’s good sound quality, now the manufacturers of audio equipment are telling us, it can even sound…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4548-96_24-DTS-featured-on-first-major-DVD-Video-title.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4548-96_24-DTS-featured-on-first-major-DVD-Video-title.html)

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I would prefer to purchase a DTS encoded DVD than a heavily restricted DVD-Audio. DTS DVD-Videos will play in existing DVD players and contain music videos :slight_smile: DVD-Audio requires a DVD-Audio player and is not compatible compatible with existing Digital Speaker systems. DVD-Audio players with digital outs can only be connected to digital speakers that support an encrypted stream. If you want to play DVD-Audio, then you’ll have to get new hardware and compatible speakers :frowning:

I hope they come up with a better standard for blue laser DVD’s because neither DVD-Audio or SACD is going anywhere in the General Public. Truthfully both were a waste of time til blue laser disc come out and we can have multi channel high resolution sound. I propose a Logic 7 type setup for movies. For music 6 channels would do nicely. 2 in front, 2 to the sides and 2 in back. 6 channels of 24/96 would sound pretty good:)

Seanbyrne: That is not true. I have a Pioneer DV-646D dvd-player with DVD-Audio decoder. My amplifier is a Yamaha 5.1 digital WITHOUT DVD-Audio decoder, but I am still able to play DVD-Audio using the DVD-players encoder and the direct-in 5.1 input in the amplifier. Sounds great. And it IS DVD-Audio. If I just play it using the amplifiers encoder there is a BIG difference in the sound, because then it plays a normal 5.1 soundtrack that is also on the disc for compatibility with non DVD-Audio hardware.

here in italy was released tomb raider with dts es 96/24 audio, and it was the only good thing in that dual-layer round-shaped-thing :4

Who cares nothing I listen to will probably ever come out in DVD-audio or DTS.Or I won’t live to see it…LOL :4