9006 disk help



I bought an LVC-9006, the VHS/DVD combo. Haven’t tried copying any tapes yet, am mostly recording from TV. Many disks are going bad.

I’ve been recording in 6-hour mode, usually an hour or two at a time. Sometimes I take the disk out, but not always. The one today worked fine the first two nights I recorded on to it. But when I turned on the machine tonight to program something new, the disk wouldn’t load.

I also had one disk get a write error while I was recording (after the first time). It just stopped, and I couldn’t see anything on the disk.

I have a friend who bought one at the same time who is having the same problem.

How do we save these disks? Do we need to download some kind of upgrade? What causes them to go bad?


To me, it seems like the Lite-On does not like that particular media you are using. From my experience, Lite-On recorders tend to do a poor job at writing to DVD+RW media, however I haven’t had any issue with DVD+R, DVD-R or DVD-RW media (with my LVW-5045).

Just out of curiosity, which brands of media have you tried that resulted in this issue? A couple of brands off the top of my head that are worth trying include Verbatim and DataWrite. While Memorex also gives good recording results, I find this media easy to scratch.

Generally the DVD recorder is fairly foolproof when it comes to recording DVDs in that there is nothing special required to record onto discs. The only thing I could think of to cause recording issues would be if the power was knocked off during a recording process, the disc has scratches or fingprints or the disc is of low quality or not fully compatible with the recorder.


I’m using Verbatim +R disks, a spindle of 50 that I bought at Sam’s Club. They are 1x-8x.

Recording the first show is easy. It is getting the disk to load when I try to record another show on the same disk. Also once it does stop loading, I can’t finalize it. The machine just doesn’t recognize it as a valid disk anymore.

It also takes forever for it to give up loading sometimes. I just powered on the machine with a disk in the drive, at 7:43. It is now 7:49, and it still hasn’t given up trying to load. It keeps scanning. It just gave up now, but the DVD light is orange, not green. But at least I can now eject the disk and put in a new one.


From my experience, I never had an issue using Verbatim DVD+R discs (in my LVW-5045), however as you mention that your friend is having the same issue, the only other thing I can think of is a bug in its firmware.

As Lite-On’s last firmware update is dated February '05, there is a good chance your recorder already has this loaded. However, just in case it is not, this is the link to Lite-On’s US firmware section (see bottom of left column):


Sorry that I cannot help you any further. :doh:


I have had problems with MemorexDVD+R x8…as well as RITEK DVD+RW and Maxell DVD+R x8

record a couple of shows on a disk and then insert it and it says “Preparing” (Formatting) and everything is gone.

Lite-On told me to use other disks

this was their answer…

Dear Sir or Madam,

Thanks for contacting LiteOnit Customer Service.
Maybe you can try other DVD+R discs. We don’t think Memorex can work well with the unit.
Brand Media Manufacturer ID Media Speed
BeALL DVD+R Beall000P40 4X
MBI DVD+R Mbipg101 R05 4X
OPTODISC DVD+R Optodisc Or4 4X
PRODISC DVD+R Prodisc R02 4X
MPO DVD+R Mpomedia 40 4X
RITEK DVD+R Ritek R02 4X
Mitsubishi DVD+R Mcc(003) 8X
Maxell DVD+R Maxwell(002) 8X
Cmc DVD+R Cmc mag E01 8X
Rioch DVD+R Rocohjpn R02 8X
Sony DVD+R Sony D11 8X
Liteon DVD+R Ricohjpn R02 8X
Beall DVD+R Beall000P80 8X
Mbi DVD+R Mbipg101 R04 8X
Nanya DVD+R Nanya Clx 8X
Daxon DVD+R Daxon Az2 8X
Prodisc DVD+R Prodisc R03 8X
Gigastorage DVD+R Gsc503H01 8X
Optodisc DVD+R Optodisc Cr8 8X

Customer Service Division
Lite-On IT Corp. www.liteonit.com