90% of Dutch E-book hasn’t been paid for – heavily pirated

We’ve just posted the following news: 90% of Dutch E-book hasn’t been paid for – heavily pirated[newsimage]http://static.myce.com//images_posts/2014/02/myce-ebook-95x75.jpg[/newsimage]
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And in other news, 100% of music in America is pirated (iTunes was shutdown years ago), the sky is only blue at night (black during the day), MyCE finally launched nuke-bombs against Russia, and, most important of all… the FSF is secretly turning our computers into Transformers, designed to enslave the human race.

All sarcasm aside, I seriously doubt that only 10% of ebooks have been paid for. I’ll bet the Dutch anti-piracy lobbyists paid GfK to “adjust” these results, in order to scare the government into strengthening copyright laws. Odds are, these are the same jerks (to put it kindly) trying to push the Trans Pacific Partnership (aka, the Toilet Paper Protocol, or TPP) onto the masses. After all, you have to admit… the timing is pretty convenient.

So does this mean those making this report is also pirate themselves cause for them to know all these figures and number must mean they themselves downloaded these ebooks to read to see what they are thus would mean they violated the very law the claim to support??? Very hypocritical and Ironic…

There are some huge torrents out there which contain almost all the books of all the famous Dutch authors.

The legal purchase of an e-book is actually quite annoying, so i can imagine people downloading those torrents and putting pdf’s on their devices as they see fit.

Books are also one of the few things that have legal price agreements in The Netherlands.