90 min disks with Liteon & Sony writers

Has anyone tested to see if 90 minute disks will work using Clone and / or Nero with my Sony CRX140E writer and/or Lite On 40125s writer?

One of my vcd films is 85 mins and I don’t want to buy some 90 minute disks to find out they don’t work.

Timmy 4

lite-on supports 99min max

Got some 90 mins cd’s.

I have been told that you can burn 99 mins with liteon 40125s and Nero

Do you have to change any settings on Nero to do this?

The ones I got the cd’s from said you have to change Nero settings to overburn. If you do how do you do this?



go to;

there you will find an option for the overburn length…
you should try 99min and do a burn simulation


Tested and lets me change it.


it did work???

Simulation worked but i haven’t tried to burn disc yet. It will be Tuesday before I put mpeg file together to burn. Don’t want to waste a disk burning a film I already have backed up.

Had to set maximum cd length in Nero to 98 mins 58 secs. Lite on say if you set this any higher it won’t work.

Useful link regards burning at 99 mins as follows;

Timmy 4

where did you get 90/99 min cdrs???

Blank media that can write upto 99 mins is called INFINITI.

Got mine from SVP Communications in U.K. at www.blankdiscshop.co.uk

They do mail order overseas.

Can also try following


Again these tend to be u.k. dealers.

Try also a search on the web for INFINITI MEDIA / CD’S

You should find a supplier in your country.


thank you

Just did a google search…anyone know of place in the US that sell 90/99 min cdrs…

I just checked their website http://www.medeainternational.com/infiniti/ and they don’t list any US suppliers.

I checked there as well…I guess there is little demand in the US

With shipping it is probably not worth getting them…

Had a quick search on USA sites and very few offer 90 min + blank cd’s. As you say by the time you pay postage disks will work out too expensive.

The following U.S.A. site did offer 90min + cd’s;


Couldn’t find any more.

Went through the search engine and typed 90 and 99 min blank media and about 2000 hits came up. I’m sure there are some companies out of those in the USA but it is a case of checking each one which will take a few hours.


thanks alot Timmy4

Another site in usa for 99 min cd’s