90 min CD-R

I was doing some tests with older blank CD-R and found out, that my Asus BW-12D1S-U (Pioneer BDR-207 clone) can write data on these discs (90min) but is not able to read them (it does not recognise the written disc)

Is this normal nowadays?

See if IsoBuster can read it.
This is what I do for a certain type DVD recording.
Windows Explorer won’t read these but IsoBuster does.
This started with Vista & my Windows 7 laptop does the same .
I don’t know about Windows 8.
XP can read them OK.

The drive does not recognize the disc.
When I insert it into another drive then it can be read. (I realise only now that I didn’t write this before)
I am not sure whether tools like ODC, Imageburn, PlexUtils are using all Windows-Apis to access the disc.
Btw. all programs told me that the blank disc was an 80 min disc. So I think that that wrong information was delivered by the drives firmware.

I do not need to retrieve data from the disc - I was only surprised that i can write a 90 min disc but not read it (on that specific drive)