90/99min CD-R media, inkjet printable

Does anyone know where to get 90/99 minute CD-R media that is inkjet printable in the United States? I’ve seen a few e-tailers in Europe carry them but cannot find anything the U.S.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.


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Since 90/99 min CD-R media is subject to various incompatibilities and oddities, you might find it more hassle-free to get DVD media instead. Nowadays DVD drives are not rare anymore, and the prices aren’t much higher for DVD media.

maybe he wants it for audio?

doh, sorry posted link to non=printable. couldnt find any etailers with printable 99min discs.

A radically different solution would be to buy a Plextor PX-755 or PX-760 drive or the Plextor Premium 2 (not available yet in EU and North America), and then use the proprietary GigaRec technology with normal (high quality) printable CD-R media.

By doing this you can burn 10% or 20% more on a normal CD, e.g. 88/96 minutes on 80 minute CD-R.

The resulting disc is not playable in all players, but neither are 90/99 min CDs. Whether the GigaRec or the 90/99 minute media are less compatible is unknown to me.

This is an expensive way of accomplishing what you want, but the advice itself is free! :wink:

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Australians can get it at http://ww.xtreemtc.com.au :iagree:

The Plextor PX-755 won’t read its own creation that it burned to 102mins! it only managed to read 92 :frowning:

Uh? :confused: What on earth are you talking about? :confused:

Perhaps MOD.IT is talking about using the GigaRec function in the Plextor PX-755 to write 102 minutes of audio (or data) onto a CD-R, and subsequently that CD is only readable up to the 92min mark?!

When using GigaRec (>1x) only the best CD-R media should be used, and in my experience there are very few drives that can read a CD with more than 99.xx minutes. The best CD-R media for GigaRec (>1x) in my Plextor PX-712A is Taiyo Yuden (no surprise there), but I more or less only use this function for playing around, since there are so few drives that can read discs of 90 minutes or more.

I would also never use GigaRec larger than 1.2x (+20% space) for any disc that should be read in a non-Plextor drive.


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[U][B]Plextor PX-755A[/B][/U]

[B]Overburning: [/B]

CD-R 900MB (99 minute) over-burn test:

From the screenshot above, it was clear the Plextor PX-755A should be able to write the 99 minute media at up to 102 minutes and 10 seconds. We then set up a test over-burn with Nero CD-Speed. We set the test at 102:00.74 to be exact, and then attempted to write a test disc.

The Plextor PX-755A successfully created our test disc. We then tested to see if the Plextor PX-755A could read our created disc. As you can see from the screenshot below, the PX-755A could read the disc up to 92 minutes then failed.

WildmanCAL this is a very reputable seller, not sure if they will supply to the US though.

Maxdisc Multispeed Printable 100 Minute CDR


@[B]MOD.IT[/B] (and [B]DrageMester[/B]): I had guessed that the input was about Gigarec ;), but the use of the past tense and the overall tone of the post made me wonder if you were kinda of asking for help about the issue mentioned. I now see that it’s not the case and that you were elaborating on [B]DrageMester[/B]'s previous input, mentioning Plextor’s Gigarec as an alternative to 90/99 mn CDR media.

Anyway, the further explanations that the both of you have input are most welcome. :cool:

Just as DrageMester, I wonder what type of CDR you’ve used for the test. I don’t think this is a widespread issue. :confused:

That is exactly want I want it for. I’m willing to take a risk and get a couple discs to try it on. I prefer printable media since I have a Canon printer that has been “fixed” to print on CD/DVD media.

WildmanCAL this is a very reputable seller, not sure if they will supply to the US though.

Maxdisc Multispeed Printable 100 Minute CDR

Thank you for the information on the e-tailer, MOD-IT. Unfortunately, they do not ship to the US. I’ve found 2 other e-tailers that have them but they are Europe only.

My search continues…

I had not thought of this but I appreciate the info. I plan on getting a newer DVD burner sometime in the near future (currently have the PX-712A) so I will keep those drives in mind.

If you have the PX-712 then you’re already able to use GigaRec on CD-R media!

You can try to burn with GigaRec 1.2x onto high-quality CD-R media such as e.g. Taiyo Yuden, and see if you can play the disc in whichever player(s) you intend to use.

You should be able to burn approximately 96 minutes of audio onto a 80min CD-R using GigaRec 1.2x on your PX-712 drive.

Printable Taiyo Yuden CD-R media is definitely available in the U.S., e.g. from Rima.